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General Dental Services in Fort Myers

Our mission at Independent Dental Care is to provide top-quality treatment at an affordable price. We specialize in providing dental services to those without dental insurance, particularly to working families and retirees. The vast majority of our restorations, treatments and dental care services can be obtained for much lower prices than those of most other dental offices. This includes essential procedures such as dental crowns and regular cleanings.

We also pride ourselves on working with patients in any circumstance. Patients who are experiencing discomfort or pain can receive same-day treatment if needed. Reasonable financing options are available for any patient who is not prepared to pay for treatment right away. Family scheduling is available so that every member of your family can receive the treatment they need. We will also offer a free second opinion on a diagnosis if no X-rays need to be taken.

Our team is here to show you that excellent dental care isn’t reserved for only those with insurance. With Independent Dental Care, virtually anyone can maintain great-looking teeth and a beautiful smile. Our lineup of general dentistry services includes:

  • Crowns and Bridge: Crowns and bridges are custom restorations that are used to restore severely damaged teeth or replace missing teeth. We offer crowns and bridges made from porcelain and zirconia.
  • Inlays and Onlays: Inlays and onlays are restorations that represent a middle ground between crowns and fillings. They are custom-made to provide a strong fit, and they add to the overall durability of teeth.
  • Mouth Guards: Patients who play contact sports can benefit from custom-fit mouth guards that are designed to protect their teeth. We offer mouth guards for children and adults, as well as night guards for patients suffering from bruxism.
  • Regular Checkups: Every patient should visit our practice at least twice per year for a complete checkup. These visits include a full examination, a professional cleaning, an oral cancer screening and when necessary, digital X-rays.
  • Sealants: Dental sealants are a layer of acrylic coating that is painted over a person’s back teeth. Once applied, they will block bacteria and plaque from accessing the teeth and causing damage.
  • Tooth-Colored Fillings: Millions of people every year receive dental fillings to restore teeth with minor damage or decay. Our composite fillings look natural, and they add to the overall strength of teeth.

Come visit Independent Dental Care for our affordable treatments. Stay for our excellent service and great results. Our team looks forward to providing you with phenomenal dental care. Please call us at (239) 437-8900 to schedule an appointment.

Our Happy Patients

"Suffering from a tooth ache, and saw this dentist office ad in the Sun Bay. Not having a local dentist, this office accepted my call and worked me into their busy schedule. Very pleased with the professionalism of Dr. Frey, and his staff as well as his sincerity."

Terry G.

"I first had a few crowns done here, now all my needs are taken care of. Great staff and great prices. Highly recommend!"

Nofish S.

"Great staff! The doctor definitely has a light touch, which is nice when you're having a broken tooth extracted that's been giving you hell for 6 months. I'll definitely recommend this dental facility to anyone in need of help."

Jeffrey E.
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